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5 Resume Writing Do’s

01. Maximum 2 pages

You should include all the important information in brief within maximum 2 pages. The main reason for that is most of the interviewers are not preferred to read the lengthy resumes and they are preferred to read the short resumes considering their busy work schedules.

02. Be honest

You should not mention the false information in the resume which lead to misleading the interviewer. Further, it is not an ethical action and there is risk of rejecting your resume during the shortlisting process if the interview panel feels that you have included the unrealistic and false information.

03. Keep resume clear

Make sure that your resume is clear and it directly highlights that key requirements for the position as per the job advertisement. It will help to emphasize the interview panel right away that you are the best fit candidate for the position.

04. Tailor for the position

You should not use the same resume to apply for all the position. That means it is important to change the content of the resume, highlighting the requirements for the position.

05. Highlight unpaid works

Most of the employers appreciate the voluntary and unpaid workers. Highlighting the areas which you provided your contribution as a voluntary employee, it will help to add value to your resume.