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5 simple rules of writing a good product description

01. Know the target customers of the product

You should have proper understanding about the target customers of the product. For example, when writing the product description for the sports wears, you should know the types of people who are wearing those products, preferences of those customers in purchasing the sports wears etc. For that purpose, you can prepare the buyer persona prior to write the product description.

02. Tell the product benefits

Your product description should be able to impress the target customers. That means you should highlight the benefits of purchasing and consuming the product to the buyer as much as possible. Further, it is better to mention the unique values of the product comparison to the competitive products in the market.

03. Focus on full story

Your product description should be a pack of emotional punch by mentioning all the features and values of the product. You should not hide the important features of the product which direct impact to the buying decisions of the customers. For example, some product descriptions for food items do not mention the artificial ingredients which have been used during the production. However, it might be a misleading incident for the customers due to the incompleteness of the product description.

04. Use sellable power words

You can use the power words in the product description. Use of power words will help to build the emotional bond between target customers and product. For example, you can use power words such as Amazing, Stunning, Miracle, Wonderful, Delight etc.

05. Use natural tone and language

You should use the natural language and tone in writing the product description. The main reason for that is, it will help to create a situation like a casual chat between target customers and seller when a customer reads the product description and it will help the familiarize the product to the customers.