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Top 5 Websites Useful to Freelance Writers

Grammarly is a writing assistant cross platform which provides the Artificial Intelligence (AI) based services to the writers such as spelling checking and grammar mistakes checking in order to simplify the writings. Freelance writers get the assistance from Grammarly to deliver the perfect and correct services to their clients.

Turnitin platform is used by both students and freelance writers to check the plagiarism of the written content. Most of the universities are using Turnitin to detect the plagiarism of the submitted students’ assignments and researches to caught the academic misconducts.

Quillbot platform is popular among the freelance writers due to the paraphrasing tools which is using the art of Artificial Intelligence (AI). In addition to that freelance writers can use Quillbot for grammar checking, summarization and citation generating as well.

Infograpia is useful for freelance writers to get the templates for smart art designs and infographic designs. Especially when preparing the presentations for business clients, most of the freelance writers are using the infographic charts and tables to make the presentation more attractive.

Chegg provides the digital and physical textbook rental services. Chegg platform is useful for the freelance academic writers to find the digital and physical textbooks which recommends to refer in writing the academic contents.