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The Purposes of Academic Writing

The academic writing is an important factor, especially for the students and teachers. There are four purposes of academic writing such as inform, explain, narrate and persuade.

01. Inform

The purpose of academic writing is to inform the information and findings to the people who are interested in that information. For example, research findings should be documented using the academic writing techniques by following the generally accepted academic writing formats and styles to inform the right information to the right people.

02. Explain

Another purpose of academic writing is to explain the facts and findings. The most important thing is ensuring the accuracy and completeness of the explanations by disclosing the original sources where that information collected. Further explanations should be descriptive and simple to understand the target audience.

03. Narrate

The narrator is another purpose of academic writing. The narrate means telling the stories of the people using the academic writing. For example, case study analysis is written with the purpose of narrative to tell the story of particular case to the target audience.

04. Persuade

Academic writing also uses to express the opinions of the people or organizations. That is called persuade purpose of academic writing. Especially recommendations of the research papers are written to persuade the opinions of the researcher based on the research findings and his or her personal views.